reading:    Joyce1  Notes on Failure


Research Studio for Transplant Students SAIC FA2013

Tourist Readings

Artist and Traveler



September 18th HOMEWORK

Reading/Activity/Response:  An Exercise in Looking and Listening


Techniques of the Observer and The Critique Handbook

  • READ chapter 1 “Modernity and the Problem of the Observer” from Techniques of the Observer by Jonathan Cary and excerpt from The Critique Handbook (see links above)
  • GO to Art Expo event at least once this weekend–Friday, Saturday, or Sunday
  • BRING at least 2 (up to 6) recording devices–including digital camera and  sketchbook with mark making tools
  • RECORD take photos of 3 things that you like and 3 things that you hate for a TOTAL of 6 things
  • OBSERVE practice your eavesdropping skills–your thoughts and others–by listening in on conversations, writing drawing, video taping . What are people saying during and after the event? What are you thinking about? What reverences come up–art and non art conversations? Try to go to some after parties!
  • Write a one page critical Blog entry to our class blog USING the images (video etc) you shot for visual evidence and the eavesdropping notes you took. Also refer to readings  (blog password: ch33syartthings)

Also look at for more events related to the Expo at Navy Pier

Art blog references Hyperallergic, ArtSlant, Art 21 blog,

Aug 28th Reading and homework

Think about the ideas we talked about in class — Cognitive Dissonance, cultural obsession with the material world, relational aesthetics, collecting, purging etc… and prepare a brief presentation —by any creative means necessary!!!–around a personal object or physical image. Your presentation will be informed partially by the readings and partially by your own point of view, experiences, etc.

Read What Do Objects Want? via link below

Also,  and stop by the library to look at the Critique Handbook by Kendall Buster & Paula Crawford

Pleas email me if you have any questions or concerns!!



WJT Mitchell from What do Pictures Want?

An essay titled The Work of Art in the Age of Biocybernetic Reproduction


WJT Mitchelle

John Berger Ways of Seeing Chapter 1 excerpt 



A New History of Photography Excerpt



Italo Calvino The Adventure of the Photographer

Calvino_The Adventure of a Photographer



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